BCHUSD. Bearish domination. Sell.

Yesterday BCHUSD closed above $ 2800 and this foreshadowed a new wave of growth.
Even despite the indicator "Crossing moving averages", which has been showing sale for several days.
However, today's return of indicators "to the original positions" looks like a bad sign for the buyers ...
Very often, the fall begins: with a false breakthrough of the established range upwards.
In addition, the slow moving average on the daily chart has turned down.
If today, the day will close at $ 2400 or even less, we recommend selling BCHUSD , closing long positions
Closure of two consecutive days above $ 2800 will cancel this idea.


I will actually stock up on BCH and sell when it hits 12K$
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TA cannot reflect the issue with South Korea and crypto which cause the market to tank. So I am not sure one can rely on TA alone. There seems to be a strong momentum to get back above 2650, which should help us come back to exactly where we were before. There were also some good news for BCH, which were overshadowed by the South Korea announcement.
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What effect do you think today’s market crash (due to South Korean news) has on your prediction? Prior to the news breaking a bullish wedge formed and this morning a breakout was confirmed. After the news broke it collapsed.
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