When is the beginning of the altcoin pamp season?
Graph domination of bitcoin over aldaine we gives a good understand when it is and under what conditions. All depicted and painted on the chart. It is also worth noting that now BTC is in a very important area from which everything is solved. A break and consolidation above the ( low probability) would mean a further reduction in prices for Aldona. Which are now at the bottom of the accumulation channels for most coins. I think if you will further domination it is not a large %. It is also worth noting that the planned "Golden cross" on the domination of bitkin, it will be a bad sign for altcoins. If these levels of domination begins to decline, it will mean the flow of money from the sun to the altcoins, which will have a very positive impact on the price of the latter.
The 52-55% zone is very important. Breaking it will mean the wildest growth of altcoins. If bitcoin holds its positions, there will be a moderate growth, but selectively. If the 50% zone breaks through it will be a speculator's Paradise. This will be the beginning of the pump season altcoins.
Rusty will be all altcoins indiscriminately. Everything will be decided not by the fundamentality and reality of the project, but by the price and capitalization. Smaller price and smaller market capitalization the greater the percent of growth shows altcon.
Комментарий: Bitcoin dominance reached 63%, after which it began to fall to 58% per day. Most likely, this is the beginning of the altcoinov pamp season. Many have already begun to grow, many at the start. Do not miss this chance!
Комментарий: almost reached the vertical growth of an important level. There may be a very strong decline like last time. Let me remind you this is not the price but the percentage ratio of Bitcoin domination over Altcoin. A reduction will mean a strong pump of altcoins.
Комментарий: Reached the last level of domination of bitcoin 69.5. I think this is the limit of domination. Dominance should already fall. Soon the time of the altcoins should come.

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