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Todays secret. IS so valuable... SO consistent.. SO unknown, underutilized, and valuable. That I am going to post my address for donations for sharing it with you all. >>> 1A55JVzrYsqhC7HijaJnBxuxkoy3TwkoAy If you know about this. Good on you. because the information is priceless. If you get rich or it helps you later or now. feel free to tip for the knowledge. because you will find countless newbie traders jumping on TV the minute anything happens on price action hoping to build up their little following they care so much about. and saying its going to moon. or doom. But they never tell you where to buy. or sell. or where it goes first probably. Because they do not have or apply the knowledge I will share today.

Firstly. this is the basic PIVOT POINT . you can find it on almost every exchange. for this secret. you need not the other levels (if you wanted those levels camarilla is 100% better anyway)

Look at those charts. what if you made every arrow trade on them? You would be rich no doubt. What if I told you that every single one of them was predestined the moment their timeframes and that pink Pivot line first began. well over 97% of the time that is the fact. and I can tell you this secret in one sentence. so that you may next time... know WHERE AND WHEN to FADE (trade against) ANY daily, weekly, monthly, yearly Opening price... and/or then WHERE to buy the dip or short the rip IF IF IF... you remember. and follow this simple sentence... no matter what the trend has been.

Every time (97%) A NEW DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, YEARLY CLOSES.... AND THE PRICE HAS "NOT" TOUCHED THE PIVOT POINT . (means price is far from pivot on either side) THE PRICE "WILL" GO TO THE PIVOT!

It will be a magnet until it has been tested. and you will not see the new range be broken until that line is tested. This pivot point ... it is plotted the moment these new timeframes close. It might be the most consistent trade, that is most consistently traded against. So you took a position before daily close? or directly after? and price still went against you? That means you jumped on a magnet that was either pushing away before the close, or on a magnet that was about to get sucked back.

I see it literally all of the time guys. you can see it on the chart. if price is moving hard on a direction when these time frames close... just take 15 seconds. To look at where the new pivot point is. if its far from you and you are in profit but your entry is between you and the pivot ... take the damn profit. and buy the retest that will come. or if you are not in position and you want to fomo... turn on the damn pivots . see if any of these are untested... because if they are... you can bet your bottom dollar we will go to at least TEST that area.

I am just showing you the most recent of these examples on all four time frames. there are rare rare conditions where it doesn't happen. but i would challeng you to find a more consistent crystal ball.

you say bitcoin or the market cannot be predicted? bullshit. look. I am telling you how right here. open up the pivots point. on daily settings, weekly, monthly, etc. not the candle timeframe. but the indicators levels settings. and back track and see for yourself. Why I am telling everyone this? because I have seen so many people ignoring this. and even on an indicator or trade with such high rates. and few are aware... does that prevent it from coming to fruition? the chart is pretty apparently not so.

I hope you guys learn and use and appreciate this very valuable information. if you like it or it benefits you. Please do tip me on the address above. I trade this trade constantly. the minute monthly opened at near 12k... and you saw the monthly pivot at 10.5k... you were being handed a 1500 dollar trade and you did not even know it. but it happened RIGHT AWAY. When this weekly opened and That pivot point was in the low 11k region and we were over 12... you had a 600-700 dollar trade being handed to you. and it happened RIGHT AWAY.

Lastly. If price opens up.. ON the pivot line. then there is no magnet. and instead pivot is a support or resistance. but it is a MAGNET until it is tested. then it becomes a support or resistance. If you found this secret fantastically useful and amazing. I recommend you find my tg group search "camarilla pivot trading" to learn more. It is completely free and educational. and feel free to use our indicator below. but for this all you need is the standard pivot point
I trade pivots. Camarilla. and the CPR. I help people and share my charts for help for no charge on telegram. My group is


Thanks for sharing sir, I will take a look on this info !
Nice idea. I also trade and analyse Bitcoin with pivot point. Let's follow each other.
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