Dayli BTC/USD Correction waves by Elliot and Fibonacci.

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24 September from 3,700$ have good Bullish start for Bitcoin . Until now created almost PERFECT Elliot Wave 1-2-3-4-5.
But What next? where we will go, UP or DOWN? By MR. Elliot we know after good UP should have good Down Corrections.
I build A-B-C correction by Fibonacci proportions including that levels where had good R. or S. line prices in pass history.
*1) A (yellow) = 50-100% from wave 4-5. So 'A' will come around 4160$(+-). WHY?
15-08-2017 - 1st big corrections
19-08-2017 - price turn there again
29-09-2017- start of line 4-5
SO can say that price around 4160 stuck in traders memory.
*2) B (red) - is 38-50% from wave A. this is small range of price and turn to history char can see good one around 4260$
*3) C (blue) - 50-61-161% from A. Here is more big range of numbers. in this range laying :
18-09-2017 ,- here news+traders feeling= strong level 4100.
How long its will take? can be few ours, few candles, can be step by step. Market, investors, mining farms- everybody want make good % profit,. Bitcoin will go UP.,,but before some big players would like close old "buy" position, and buy again on lowers price. Price always cant go UP,.
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