Asynchronous BTC cycle with some altcoins. How to make money.

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How to make money on some altas that go completely against the Bitcoin trend or are ahead / behind? How to use it for profit taking? The cycle on the principle of working on btc / usd - alt / usd - btc / usd.

On many coins, a downward channel has now formed, both in the Alt / btc and Alt / USD pairs, most go synchronously to bitcoin . Which is logical, as bitcoin is growing in value in dollars. And on the one hand it seems in dollars, that is, in real money you will not earn anything on this. But some coins, on the contrary, move asynchronously, or at least late to the BTC / USD movement. Very often the difference is quite significant even in pairs to USD. This will be discussed.

There are many pairs that asynchronously go a large period of time Alt / BTC , Alt / USD. I think that it is understood that the price itself does not move as a counterweight, but it is intentionally directed at a certain period of time by people who have their own interest in this.

For a long time I have been watching how this is discussed in various resources on the topic of trading and cryptocurrencies. As a rule, these discussions and explanations do not have practical application, because the explanations come retroactively on the chart.

Explanations of the work.

As an example, we see that a false breakdown on XLM / USD happened on November 12th. + 80% Then lowering the price to the lower border of the internal channel. And now the price is kept at the same level + - 15%. Roughly speaking, the price is kept from rising.

At the same time, bitcoin is a completely different situation, although at first glance it seems similar. Just on November 12, a gradual, and then a sharp decline in the price of BTC / USD to the lower border of the domestic channel began, by -22%. And the price immediately rebounded + 20%. Let me remind you after reaching the borders of the internal channel on the XLM / USD pair, the price is kept at the same level, not allowing it to grow.

It is also worth noting that the channels are enormously different in terms of percentage step by XLM / USD and BTC / USD:
XLM / USD - 180% / 60%
BTC / USD - 50% / 25%

I think that you understand that this and the difference in the percentage step of the channel, plus the delay in price movement, is used to take profits. Also, the XLM / USD coin has good liquidity, then you can take substantial profits. In this pair, due to the large liquidity, you can scroll a fairly large amount of money.

Principle of operation.

Here is a simple example on an XLM / USD coin that formed a downstream channel like BTC / USD. But inside the channel, the movement is asynchronous to BTC / USD. Now the price of XLM / USD is moving down to the trend line of the internal channel, which acts as a support, the movement is now frozen in a lateral movement above this trend. Price does not allow further movement.

While BTC / USD, the price goes up to the upper trend line of the domestic channel. At the upper border of the channel, if there is no breakthrough and consolidation above, we sell BTC / USD (sold at the local maximum of the channel). At the same time, perhaps XLM / USD will reach the bottom of the channel. We buy at the local minimum of the downstream channel XLM / USD for dollars that we received for selling bitcoin at local maximums.

Then the whole action is repeated the other way around. It should also be borne in mind that this asynchronous arbitration is a profitable business, but altas always, when trend reversals, are ahead of BTC in profit in making real money. The correct entry / exit point is important. Hurry and greed is never necessary.

I also want to add that in most cases, those coins that are sent to Bitcoin asynchronously are clamped in the horizontal channel. Rare cases, as an example, are higher on the XLM in the downstream channel, even less often in the upstream channel. The reason I think is understandable, as it is a completely manipulative action and it is easier to adjust the price precisely in the horizontal channel. You also need to understand that a certain pair can work for a while. I only know a few pairs that have been working asynchronously for bitcoin for more than a year and a half. This is a gold mine.
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