Comparison of pumping BTC 2012-13 year and now Potential $100000

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Comparison of pumping BTC 2012-2013 year and now. Potential $ 100,000
All painted and shown on the chart. This is an option, no more, no one knows the future, even the one who controls the price. Large and simply smart always work on the situation, even then when this situation is created. But as we can see from the history of the coin, repetition is very often. This is an assumption, not an axiom! The cycles are quite similar, but this is similar only in order to deceive the crowd at an important moment. In this similarity, if you look at the schedule well, then you will understand that at the most important moment everything is done against the expectation of the crowd. And the more money the main crowd loses, the more a minority of market participants earns.
Комментарий: You also need to understand that if in reality they decide to form this global triangle, while we are in it, we are safe and predictable. But as soon as the price approaches the corner of the figure and the volatility rate decreases, various FUD news will go positive and negative at the same time to instill uncertainty. So that traders make frequent mistakes.
If inspired by the crowd that "Look what is drawn!" "Soon the flight will be at least 100 thousand" And when everyone believes will play against the crowd. The triangle will work against the expectations of the crowd down.
And working out the figures in two directions on mega X's.

In any case, no one knows the future, even the one who creates it.
But if the formation of a global triangle is confirmed - then wait for the mega pamp season of the altcoins!
  With such a movement of Bitcoin (calm) and the volatility of the Altcoins will fly not to the moon, but to Mars!
Комментарий: Worth noting. Fate will be decided on July 29th. Court appointed for the exchange of bitfinex and therefore their creation USDT
Things are very bad for the exchange. If they are closed and the USDT outlaws, it will very painfully hit the cryptocurrency market in general.
Thanks to USDT, we see today's Bitcoin pamp; without USDT, there’s nothing to swing the market with. Thanks to usdt and there is this market. Guys are trying to do what is possible now. We must pay tribute to them. And they themselves earn and all these years they gave money. But the power is changing .... They understand all the very sad possible situation. As a possible surrender of the positions of influence and have to raise the white flag in front of the "big brother." If they manage to agree, it is possible and no one will understand what was actually being decided. But perhaps this will strongly speculate closer to the court.
Комментарий: The price has currently broken through and is trading beyond the uptrend line. Long time trading beyond the uptrend line will lead to a change of trend in the global
Сделка активна: There is such a rare long-playing formation “bear measured move” from the peak of 2017 and it is being formed. Measuring stroke is a fairly long formation figure. Which can take from six months to several years.
Bear measured move consists of three long phases, or stages. In a bearish measuring stroke, the first and third phases are descending, and the middle one is ascending.
  We are now in the third phase.
Goals are calculated in the third phase of the percentage of the first drop.
But this is if the triangle is struck down which on another graph depicted
Комментарий: Since the birth of BTC, the global trend is upward.
The trend over the past 2 years (from the peak of $ 20,000) is a downtrend.
The existing trend for half a year is an uptrend.
Комментарий: It is also worth noting that if we break this symmetrical triangle up and fix, we thereby confirm the figure "ascendant pennant." Here it’s fantastic goals + 117% If we break through the "Symmetrical Triangle" down. And the price will be fixed under it. Thus, we confirm the very unpleasant figure “Bear measured move”. Always work in a trend, no one knows the future.

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