BTC is moving in an uptrend. Repetition of 2014 or 2017?

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BTC is moving in an uptrend. Repetition of 2014 or 2017?
Bitcoin is moving in an uptrend. History repeats itself like in 2017 against the expectations of the majority? I really didn’t believe that it’s so easy the first time as a hot knife into butter we will break the resistance of 6000 thousand.
The main thing that we did not repeat the history of May-August 2014. I would have done it in the place of a market maker. Nobody believes in such a sink price. In 2014, in May - August, too, no one believed in such low prices.
 But these are all guesses, you need to work here and now on the situation. At the moment, the uptrend, and hence the trade with the trend.
While the trend is not broken it is not necessary to think about sales to those who are not actively trading.
Комментарий: Look at the idea enshrined under this idea, then too, no one believed that this could be the same as now.
I don’t care where the price goes, I trade with the trend.
Комментарий: Uptrend continues
Комментарий: That's how well trending works. Trend, until the uptrend line is broken - ascending. This is a small timeframe.
Сделка активна: There is such a rare long-playing formation “bear measured move” from the peak of 2017 and it is being formed. Measuring stroke is a fairly long formation figure. Which can take from six months to several years.
Bear measured move consists of three long phases, or stages. In a bearish measuring stroke, the first and third phases are descending, and the middle one is ascending.
  We are now in the third phase.
Goals are calculated in the third phase of the percentage of the first drop.
But this is if the triangle is struck down which on another graph depicted
Комментарий: It is also worth noting that if we break this symmetrical triangle up and fix, we thereby confirm the figure "ascendant pennant." Here it’s fantastic goals + 117% If we break through the "Symmetrical Triangle" down. And the price will be fixed under it. Thus, we confirm the very unpleasant figure “Bear measured move”. Always work in a trend, no one knows the future.

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