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Come on Manolo
Комментарий: Clean so far. Shout out to the teachers who said Loops wouldn't make it.
Комментарий: Mixed tears of joy with champagne drippin all over my body for Ive reached my final form; the emotional trader.

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Was contacted by the SEC due to this post. I'd like to declare that I was high as ballz when I made this and had no idea what I was doing. Not my fault this actually happened.
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Marzo999 Looposhi_Nakafomo
@Looposhi_Nakafomo, please , go get high again and post more prediction.
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@Marzo999, isn't this one enough?
koekto Marzo999
@Marzo999, NO, GOD! NO! GOD. PLEASE. NO. NO! NO!!! NO-O-O-O-O-O!!!
@koekto, chego oresh'? Ne isteri, voz'mi i shortani na bitmekse, vsyako luchshe chem do sedeny nrvnichat'
22loops had cursed our beloved bitcoin with this satanic graph. We must find out who he is in real life, burn him and scatter his ashes into the ocean to stop this evil voodoo before bitcoin is down to a thousand.
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EliasR koekto
@koekto, I think a thousand is really far away!! I don't expect it to got that low but yeah maybe it does.
koekto EliasR
@EliasR, Bitcoin's already $3500 as of the end of March, and still going down.
koekto koekto
@koekto, hope I scared some of you guys with my previous comment.
Your reign of terror ends here:
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