BTC in the phase 3 "Bear measured move"? Halving at the end of 3

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I was very surprised that it was the number of days in the 3rd cycle that coincided with the bitcoin halving. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Also pay attention to which zone this formation may not be confirmed.

There is such a rare long-playing formation “bear measured move” from the peak of 2017 and it is being formed. Measuring stroke is a fairly long formation figure. Which can take from six months to several years.

Bear measured move consists of three long phases, or stages. In a bearish measuring stroke, the first and third phases are descending, and the middle one is ascending.

We are now in the third phase.
Goals are calculated in the third phase as follows: percent of the first price drop.
But this long-playing figure takes place only if the future triangle is punched down. See all related ideas.

Stages of the formation of the figure Bear measured move:

1) The initial maximum should be noted, so that was where to start the first fall.
2) The first drop lasts long enough: from weeks to many months.
3) Growth after the first fall is approximately half of the fall, usually the price rises by 30-60% depending on the duration of the first fall. The middle phase of growth can be a separate independent figure.
4) The second fall in absolute value is very close to the fall of the first. Goals are calculated in the third phase - the percentage of the first drop.
5) Trading volume is not significant, but is usually increased during the first fall and falls during growth.
Комментарий: until September 23 I think we will be in this small globally symmetrical triangle. And then it will be seen that with BAKKT. Where the price will go and in which direction the triangle will be broken depends on the decision made. 23rd is better not to be in position and see what happens. In which. they’ll break the side, and most importantly, we will gain a foothold. I am sure there will be false breakthroughs to deceive the crowd. Always trade with the trend. I recall September 23 decision on BAKKT
Комментарий: 2014 -2015 it was already at the BTC
Комментарий: Since the birth of BTC, the global trend is upward.
The trend over the past 2 years (from the peak of $ 20,000) is a downtrend.
The existing trend for half a year is an uptrend.
Комментарий: It is also worth noting that if we break this symmetrical triangle up and fix, we thereby confirm the figure "ascendant pennant." Here it’s fantastic goals + 117% If we break through the "Symmetrical Triangle" down. And the price will be fixed under it. Thus, we confirm the very unpleasant figure “Bear measured move”. Always work in a trend, no one knows the future.
Сделка активна: There is a breakthrough of the triangle down, it is important where the price fixes
Комментарий: BTC / USD There is a breakdown of the channel of the local channel
Work according to the short scenario to the level of 7 thousand. Further from the reaction of the level.
Комментарий: did not reach the level of 7 thousand dollars a little. He made a false breakthrough of the channel down. Further momentum up is + 42%. Thus, the resistance of the previous channel and, most importantly, the downtrend were broken. Nevertheless, I am inclined to believe that, judging by the panic of the purchase and the nature of the movement, let's go along the bullish scenario and develop the 2016 fractal.

It is very important where the price will be fixed after the impulse.
Комментарий:  There is a puncture at the price of a downtrend.
This trend is the 3rd phase of the “bear measured move” (the third component of the bear measured move)
This puncture may turn out to be false. It is very important where the price is fixed. If it fixes above the downtrend, then there is a high probability of a fracture of "3 phases of a bearish measured move" (which has existed for 5 months already).
If the price goes along the trend, then the situation is 50/50 but closer to the continuation of the downtrend. If the price is fixed below the downtrend, then it’s not the time to break the 3rd phase of the “bear measured move”.
Комментарий: Trading idea with work areas for September 27th.
    As we can see, the zones work out perfectly. You can see the way out of the price from the zone of $ 7000-7600 to the important area of the downtrend that I designated in advance. There is a trend puncture, no more. The only important thing is fixing the price. If there is a consolidation above the downtrend, then this will mean a change in the downtrend. And at the moment we are in a general downtrend. All options for working from different situations, I described in great detail in several trading ideas and videos.
Комментарий: a trend reversal occurred in the trading idea from the indicated important zone

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