And what if so? And we are here. Soon pamp season altos.

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There are a lot of HYIP that the bottom is passed. Read the cryptocurrency forums of 2014 at the time of the Bitcoin pamp marked on the chart. If you do not look at the date, the impression is that people do not write for 2014, but for 2019. Bitcoin dominance 63% This is a lot! In connection with the Bitcoin pamp , almost all Altcoins have updated the bottom, or at least have been driven into the former accumulation channels. As soon as Bitcoin stops and the altos pamp season begins. Do NOT miss this chance.
Everyone finally believed that the bottom had been passed. I doubt it very much. As I trade within the day, in most cases I don’t care what the price of Bitcoin is, the main thing is to have volatility . But here are people who buy when they scream in the news and YouTube can get hit. The golden rule: "Buy on the rumors, sell on the event." Faith and dependence on the opinions of others kills. Always make decisions yourself, think with your head, do not depend on someone else's opinion.
The idea is purely an example of crowd consciousness manipulation.

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