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Hello Traders!

Here it is, the key point.
The price is clamped on both sides and now she needs to make a choice. From below, the strong support line doesn't allow Bitcoin to fall, and from above the resistance line doesn't allow to rise.
In case of breaking through the support line, I expect a quick impulse down to the support level 8940 near the support line.
If the price breaks the resistance line, I expect a more smooth growth at least to the resistance level 12000 (at the intersection with two resistance lines)
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stell_s1 DeGRAM
@DeGRAM, Advise how top3 alts will react to potential short?
ETH - ?
XRP - could dump hard because of the heavy support line
LTC - ?
I say short until 9000 area before going up
DeGRAM Seto_Black
@Seto_Black, perhaps. one of my two options)
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