Sample X-Lines (8) works on BTCUSD.

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Биткоин / Доллар США
Instant automatic marking of levels on any trading instrument. Specify the strength of the levels that you want to get and the indicator automatically draws them!
Dec 21
Комментарий: And by the way I hope that people who invest money in crypto-currencies understand that with the start of trading in CME, the era of direct investment in bitcoin has ended. The era of speculation has begun! ;)
Dec 24
Комментарий: Just by putting horizontal lines on x-lines we get truly trade levels!! The more levels we mention, the more accurate the trade picture will be.
Dec 24
Комментарий: The adjustment of the indicator is extremely simple, it is possible to change the value of only one parameter: Levels Power, which default value is 9. The higher the value, the weaker the levels, the indicator (correspondingly, the levels becomes larger). In the case of low figures, the indicator shows stronger and more important prices (correspondingly, the levels are getting smaller).

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