BTC/USD Trend Trading. Important area. Potential. Fantastic scam

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Биткоин / Доллар США
BTC / USD Trend. Price redrawing of the main BTC trend and, as a result, the upward channel. Halving. Important area. Fantastic scam of the century.

The maximum potential of the Lord’s ascending channel , if there is a breakdown and consolidation above the downtrend line of the secondary trend + $ 113,000.

Trend lines , ascending channel , important zones and price levels are shown on the chart.

My last trading idea that was published almost a year ago on June 27, 2019 about the potential formation of the structure that is currently being formed on this instrument. The time frame at this distance also almost coincided.

BTC is the possible formation of a global triangle.

In this trading idea, which was published almost a year ago, everything coincided, not only the price movement that I predicted, but also the time for its formation.

Trading with the trend Option of forming a global triangle June 27, 2019

This is the idea of trading - learning, which was published in February 2020.
After reading it, you will understand why I on the chart now drew two channels superimposed on each other. During the breakthrough of the triangle down, the price slightly redrawn the main trend (yellow line). If you have a clear scheme of work and discipline in your work, you physically cannot trade in any market at a loss. Rock your brain, not your desire.

EDUCATION Trading on trends and important directions using the example of Bitcoin .

Read about trends in this educational idea, this will give you an understanding of how to work in the market. Information is relevant both for global trends and for local ones.

TRAINING. Theories of the Dow. Types of trends. Phase TRON. Still a little)

Century scam. Fed. Gold increase from $ 20.66 to $ 1800

1933 Confiscation of Gold from US People
1971 The dollar became independent of the price of gold .

I also ask you to read this article with understanding.
the entire price history of the Dow Jones Index movement from 1915 to 2020. The article is very extensive. Do not be lazy to read and understand.

  I emphasize once again that all these events with gold , the dollar, the economy in the past and now are very connected at the moment with cryptocurrencies (the new single world currency). This is a global plan, planned in advance and implemented in stages.

Dow Jones 1915-2020 History of key U-turns. The situation is now. Options for the development of price movement.

Well, in this idea, a trading article - tutorial, you will see how to make big money where the crowd sees hopelessness and falling prices.

Once again, I emphasize that I do not have cryptocurrency training articles on old charts where all are super traders. I show everything on my ideas. For this pair, XLM / USD showed a trading history for 8 months, and I trade it much longer. I don’t think that “super traders” sellers of training courses or signals in telegram channels will teach you this for a fee. I have everything in the public domain, use it for free.

BIG SECRET. For example, a bunch of pairs XLM / USD + BTC / USD Digit language

The total profit at the moment for a cycle of 213 days for this pair is:

1) + 156% (long).
2) + 68% (short).
3) + 102% (long).
4) + 68% (short).
5) + 156% (long).

To have a large monetary resource , you need to have a large intellectual resource for its management. Unfortunately, most people have only the desire to have a lot of money, but there is no intelligence to receive it.
Develop your brain and skills.
The BTC / USD trading idea for working in a local trend with a detailed explanation and with examples of my real trading. Work in two directions.
Комментарий: Everything is going according to plan. Trading with the trend, correction to the line (zone) of the uptrend is possible in the course of the trend development.
Комментарий: +518% (55000) 555/18
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