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Made this idea to continue the previous one for the convenience of monitoring price movement.
Work from zones of levels and trend. Everything is extremely accurate on the graph.

Check out my previous 1.5 year forecasts for this trading pair. I think it will be very useful for you for educational and, as a consequence, for monetary purposes, views of my previous ideas and updates of work under them where I accompanied the price movement. Pay attention where the forecasts were worked out with sniper accuracy up to certain numerical values, and where they were not, or they were worked out after a rather short time.

Below this idea, I have consolidated the ideas of training and trading for 1.5 years, which were not removed by the moderators. Who does not know, I cannot delete or correct when a trading idea has already been published.

I try to give the most accurate data for work not for the "hamster" level. Be attentive, learn to see what is hidden from the blind and think. Learn, develop, gain experience in trading. Knowledge without experience is zero. Don't be theorists, be practitioners. Only the weight of your deposit matters to your trading success. Theorists cannot boast of this.
Комментарий: Timeframe 4 hours. The ascending triangle has been formed. Bottom 33.33% An inverted head and shoulders in a triangle under its resistance is formed. Base 18.31%. False local breakdown of the triangle resistance - GWP 2.67%. Your attentiveness and understanding is the key to a profitable and calm work.
Комментарий: false breakout + 8% of the ascending (bullish) triangle to the $ 66018 level zone And within 5 days the dump by -20%. At the moment, the price in the $ 56,000 zone level was up to $ 51,615 ($ 50,658 zone). Liquidation of longs worth more than $ 10 billion, even on this exchange we see a lot of volume. Various FUD are distributed.

A similar trading situation was on the ETH / USD trading pair at a price of $ 618.13 (recent highs of $ 2560). Similarly, a bullish triangle (upward) false breakout by + 8-9% and a dump by -18% over the same 5 days. This squeeze has become a reversal zone V. The whole difference between the two trading situations is only in the volume of liquidations and this is a very important indicator to understand.
Комментарий: A downward local trend is developing. The trend will reverse, at least locally, when the downtrend is broken and the price consolidates above it. There is a streaming FUD to lower the price.
Комментарий: A breakout of this local downtrend. On altcoins, in most cases, a breakout of their local descending occurs in a similar way. A breakthrough is not a fixation, it is just a breakthrough, which in the future development may turn out to be false or a real market reversal zone. Please note that this action 26 which is currently taking place was shown by a vertical line in advance in update 23
Комментарий: + 15.36% from the breakdown of the downtrend local trend line 26 exactly to the zone of the 58440 level. At the moment, we have approached an important resistance (triangle resistance before a false breakout). A breakthrough in this zone will give the potential for pumping in May, and therefore pumping most altos.
Комментарий: As before, the price is kept no higher than the zone of the 58440 level until the random fireworks K?) Does the price take into account everything? Or does the planned actions of people take into account everything? Or is it still not taken into account?
Комментарий: Take a close look at the vertical lines in previous updates and the key days of local price reversals 26, 8, 13 (highlighted for clarity). Observation, attentiveness and the ability to notice "little things" will make you an order of magnitude richer for those people who have not developed these qualities properly.
Комментарий: Further development of the local downtrend. Bitcoin is not green. Forming a triangle on another asynchronous hedge pair (not green) / on all pairs (green). Ecology, as I said about 5 months ago, is now in trend, especially in one "very eco-friendly" month of summer.

The ecology of BTC (with a real imitation) is a new legend similar to an outdated and hackneyed legend of recent years for local corrections - "BTC Mt.GOX will be leaked in the near future in the near future". The "phases of ecology" (price direction) will alternate, use it wisely ...

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