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BTCUSD Moving in down trend channel. Bitcoin touched psychological level 6000 and didn't broke and after show correction. Stochastic RSI - overbought. Waiting for 5800-5400 area
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Guys I saw this message somewhere, please let read it and reason with the contents.

Bitcoin ETFs

I wasn't sure I would go forward with this, but I feel a moral and ethical obligation to. And while this is really going to upset and possibly enrage the close friends I have who work in some of the larger named Investment Banks on Wall Street, I want to share this with everyone I can reach in the crypto space and let the chips fall where they may. Here's the deal:

The market has done a great job of convincing everyone the Bitcoin ETFs are the end-all be-all for crypto growth. (They're not. At all.)

But they want you to believe this to get the prices down really really low for Wall Street. And everyone seems to be playing right into their propaganda. Realize that Bitcoin ETF's have been applied for and denied going back the last 5 years.

With our recent run testing a $1 Trillion crypto market cap, Wall Street woke up and realized holy hell there is actually a ton of money to be made in this space and it has barely begun. But they missed the boat! So they want in, cheap; Convince everyone these ETF proposals are paramount for the market to ever go up again. (What a joke!). Realize the most likely scenario is these Bitcoin ETFs will not be approved at all this year until early or late next year; all the while using each delay and denial to further drive down the price of BTC. We can stop this if we stop giving credence to their propaganda that is the importance of the ETFs.

Clearly the ETF Proposals are clouding the crypto space to the point it is absurd and ridiculous -- you see it, I see it, and yet we are all playing into it and spreading their manipulative message. Entirely too much focus is being placed on the ETFs.

What everyone needs to be focused on is the technology and adoption. Stay focused on the technology and adoption of crypto, it's what got the market to nearly $1 Trillion already, and let's all let the ETFs do whatever they're going to do.

If we can get everyone on the same page here (and if we work together we can) Bitcoin will brush off the ETF bull shiitake and the crypto market will continue to grow massively with the awesome developments in the crypto space. Do not give Wall Street the pleasure of seeing you Tweet, Post, YouTube, etc anything having to do with the ETFs. Just stop. Let's bring it to a full stop my crypto friends.

Will you do your part to help the crypto community get back on track with focusing on what really matters -- the technology and adoption. Shine the light on this important message and share it with all. Thanks in advance.

Together we are unstoppable.
Very Respectfully

Sorry for forwarding but at least it will help someone.
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BTC going total crash if manipulaters continue, dont they know SEC watching?
Its so easy see new tactic from manipulaters is slow move up now.

No way in hell SEC going approve ETF if they continue this manipulation up, and we just seen what happens to ALTS and Btcoin cause it was recjected last time.

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100% accurate
vinh AryanRehaan
@AryanRehaan, what you got now ? luxury car ? yacht ? castle ? If no then 100% wrong, i guarantee it !
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Alts totally totally crashing, Bitmex owner said we need go down to 5000 for BTC before it can go up, and if anybody knows its him.

I sure am not buying
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How can be this guy always right?

@Koci_cz, if he always right, nobody wrong :))
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