BTC is forming a fractal. Triangle Important area. Trend trading

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Perhaps the fractal will work, because everyone sees it. Especially if it is shown to those who are always blind (stupid market participant) and the foolish panic purchases will begin. It should also be noted that at any moment this local trend can unfold, therefore always trade with the trend.

The price is currently in a local uptrend (white line), in the resistance zone of the secondary downtrend (red line). An ascending triangle has formed. Breaking it up / down and fixing the price will mean which trend will develop in the future. Trend trading.

Last my trading and tutorial ideas for this BTC / USD trading pair.

BTC / USD Retention of a position in a trend. Ascending wedge . Important area

Secondary uptrend continues. A symmetrical triangle has formed in the trend zone.

BTC / USD Formation of a symmetrical triangle. Pivot zones

An ascending triangle with a base of 28%. Secondary uptrend continues. After breaking up, the symmetrical triangle was redrawn by the price into an ascending triangle with a base width of 28%. The price is clamped. Coming soon.

An ascending triangle is a bullish formation, but there are cases (less than%) when it breaks down. If you are not in a position at the moment, then entering the market is only a breakout or a pullback after a triangle breakthrough. Where the triangle is broken and the price consolidates, that and the local trend will develop. Trend trading.

In this trading idea, I showed the main trend of the BTC / USD pair.
BTC / USD Trend Trading. Important area. Fantastic scam.

Do not be greedy people. Greed begets poverty. Do not take risks in your trading when the risk is not justified. If you do not understand what the potential price movement will be, skip it. You always have time to earn.

Look at my related 1 year old trading ideas for this trading pair, which I attached to the description of the idea. What has now been formed on bitcoin I showed in my trading ideas about 1 year ago.
Комментарий: From the sideways movement above the downtrend, the price went up from the reversal zone. The bulls won.
Сделка закрыта: достигнута тейк-профит цена: From the reversal zone, the price reached the first target level of $ 12012 with super accuracy and rose 35.18%
Сделка закрыта: достигнута тейк-профит цена: The triangle is broken down at the moment by 16%
Комментарий: Price is squeezed into a corner. Soon the outcome of the situation.
Сделка закрыта: достигнута тейк-профит цена: +8.88%
+ 8.88% from the reversal zone in the local ascending channel, as shown. Enters the second reversal zone.
Сделка закрыта: достигнута тейк-профит цена:
Сделка закрыта: достигнута тейк-профит цена: + 13.76% the local target is taken with an accuracy of almost a fraction of a percent. No "cheating" or "sleight of hand". Understand where you are, who you are, what is the meaning of everything, throw the "cult of money" out of your head - the world will change. And if not, you will always be at the bottom of the pyramid with the insatiable desires of the "eternal hungry character".

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