Tothemoon in bitcoin cancelled? 🧨

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The rocket flies in the opposite direction 🚀

Is there any hope for growth?
At the moment, the 28 -30k level is well traded, so we expect it to shake in the coming days, fasten your seat belts 🎢

Now it is very important to wait for the close of the week, Bitcoin has already surprised everyone with its 50% growth after the bankruptcy of two large banks in the US and Europe.
We will sum up the final result on Monday, so we do not cancel the positive scenario, but we keep it in mind.

🔰 In the current market, we recommend having a sufficient level of cash in your portfolio.
This wave of decline will probably be the last, after which a medium-term growth cycle will begin.
Large volumes of money enter many assets, so we do not expect any collapse.

😮‍💨 You need to unload overbought for further growth in any case...

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