SHORT Brent Crude @ 51.00 TGT 48.80/47.20/44.50

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I was waiting for the price to touch 50.60-51.30 area and have shorted @ 50.94 averaged
I think it's a great idea to sell retest @ around 51.00
Will be updating this chart as we go, there is a long way to play ups and downs in the weeks to come)

First target 48.80

I have no SL for this trade, however the idea invalidates if we cross 52.00 barrier on Thursday and first warning signal is 51.45+

R/R is comfortable @ 1:2-1:6

Enjoy the bear :)
Сделка закрыта: достигнута тейк-профит цена: book partial profits @50.00
next intraday TP targets are 49.40/48.80
re-enter sell agressively @ 50.50/51.00
Сделка активна: Sorry, wrong chart above. Here it goes:
Комментарий: Add short @50.00, however there is a good probability that we might touch 50.75 today in a few hours and big impulse wave starts to the south. So I might reverse @ around 49.50 to catch it depending on price action. Watching DXY/Gold/S&P price action closely
Комментарий: Adding more (and final) shorts @ 50.60-50.80
Сделка активна: TP1 Reached. Book some profits! We're in PRZ area. Caution! If price breaks 48.65 next intraday TP is 47.80
Комментарий: intraday buys 48.90/47.90
intraday sell 49.50/50.10
Play it safe
Комментарий: 48.70 add intraday long stop 48.60
Комментарий: 48.20-47.90 take some profit from short play. Intraday buy zone (expecting 1$-1.5$ pullback to 49.50)
Комментарий: Taken full profit from 50.00+ shorts. 47.20 is realistic target for today if we break 48.80, but pullback is more likely. Re-entering shorts is possible @ 49.20-51.10 area
Комментарий: Shorted @ 48.05, TGTs in blue. If it doesn't work, re-entering short position @ 48.75
Комментарий: Not yet.... but @48.75 I'm into shorts definitely
Сделка закрыта: достигнута тейк-профит цена: Well, we have reached 2 out of 3 targets. At this very moment it looks like we might be targeting 50+ area again and possibly making new high. At least I am not selling at the moment. Originally, I have estimated the down cycle to end today as indicated, thus current idea is closed.
Wait and sell the triangle breakout @ 47.10 if it happens.
Alternative Long idea is coming soon.
Сделка активна: Selling @ retest of 47.20 was a good idea, Activating this idea again. Continue to enjoy the bear.... Daily targets are 45.75 45.45(!) 44.50 43.90
Комментарий: Adding shorts @46.50
Сделка закрыта: достигнута тейк-профит цена


Closing shorts @ 46.50 B/E, not looking bearish to me
Re-entered short @48.05 TGT 47.10/46.80/45.50/44.50
Maybe it was a bit early, and if so, shorting from 48.75 next
Expecting the first daily target of 48.70-49.05 to be reached in a couple of hours, watching price action closely and booking profits. I might do a little long to 50.40-50.70 range, likely good place to enter for 47/44 targets next week.
hope we still in charge since wti under resistanse line
aleIa john_silver
yeah, let's see how it goes, I hope for no more comebacks to a new high mate
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