ENJ. Channel trading 45%. Pivot points. Potential 45-600%

BINANCE:ENJBTC   Enjin Coin / Bitcoin
ENJ Mechanics of win-win work on coins for pumping. The accumulation channel is 45%. The potential at the exit from the accumulation channel is up to + 600%!

The coin, due to its over greed and aggressive manner of squeezing money out of the crowd by the market maker, goes hundreds of percent from the accumulation zone. Now the coin is in the accumulation phase.

All pivot points on which this or that movement depends and the trend is shown on the chart. It is also worth noting that there is no clear number of waves that should be in the accumulation channel. The main thing is complete control and understanding of the work on the coin. Entry / exit to the market depending on the reaction of support / resistance levels.

If you do not control the price, but adapt, there are two options for entry:

1) Entrance at the bottom of the channel with confirmation of support. The potential profit in the channel + 45%.

2) Entrance during the breakthrough of the channel. The first target + 90%. Then, how does the price react to the level of resistance and whether the fixation wakes above it. If the price continues to rise, then sales should be made at key resistance levels. Potential from +90 -600%.

It is worth noting that in such coins there is often no rollback after a breakout, you yourself can see it on the chart, that's why I wrote - the entrance is at the breakthrough of the resistance of the accumulation channel. But you need to understand that a false breakthrough can occur. But observing the exchange book of orders and the buy / sell ribbon gives a clearer picture or a breakthrough, real or potentially false. This is just an experience.
In the history of the coin, I showed the cyclical repetition of the sequence of phases of the instrument.

It can be divided into several phases:

1) Set of coin position.
2) Raising the price and selling at affordable prices.
3) Lower prices for a new set of positions.

The entire chart of the coin and its cycles in this trading idea.

Комментарий: there is a channel break at the moment the price is + 36% from the entry point
Комментарий: +60%
Комментарий: After the pulse, a symmetrical triangle formed above the accumulation channel. The figure of uncertainty. But it is important that at the moment the price over the accumulation channel and the volatility is clamped into the corner of the triangle. Soon there will be a denouement of the situation.
Комментарий: The price of the coin made a false breakdown of the triangle and then returned back to the canvas of the triangle. You need to watch how the triangle support reacts.
Комментарий: ENJ / BTC Break through support. Work in the channel 40%
Trading inside the channel from pivot points (zones) that act as support / resistance levels.
At the entrance, use an adequate Stop Loss value, but also take into account the volatility of the trading instrument.
Комментарий: +80%
Сделка закрыта: достигнута тейк-профит цена: From the breakthrough of the accumulation channel, the profit is about + 180%. And if the trade was in an uptrend + 60% + 60% + 68% + 90% + 33%, the trend continues.
Congratulations to all with a decent profit.
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Boom ! Thank you !
SpartaBTC ValentinStragon
@ValentinStragon, + 60% at the moment.
SpartaBTC ValentinStragon
@ValentinStragon, But I think that this is only the beginning.
@SpartaBTC, Your advise in term of learn and earn are on top , really smart and pro . One of the best Tv channel . Thank you
SpartaBTC ValentinStragon
@ValentinStragon, I thank you for these words. I am pleased to. Good luck in bidding.
SpartaBTC ValentinStragon
@ValentinStragon, ENJ coin to pump, the potential is very large for profit. Like Matic, from the first entry point more than + 300% is narrower, and the uptrend continues. The idea published here on tradeview is already + 200%.
@SpartaBTC, Missed this one , bull eyes !
SpartaBTC ValentinStragon
@ValentinStragon, Nothing wrong.
There are many such coins.