Ethereum. Large Elliott waves and smaller ones.

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On January 14, we released a review on the wave analysis of Ethereum with the forecast of the ABC waves and a decrease from 1400 to 700.
And this forecast was brilliantly justified: the rate clearly passed on the wave structure drawn beforehand and reached its completion. (see att Idea)
Now, as always, the most interesting part: "What's next?" :)
To forecast the future development using waves, you must first look back into the past. In order to clarify where we are from the point of view of larger scale waves
We open the entire history of the existence of Ethereum and see two options:
1. The first large wave from nonexistence to 400, the second, correcting one, that is almost flat to 300 and the third from 300 to 1400. In this option, 1400 is the peak of the pulsed third wave and after the 4th from 1400 to 700, should come the 5th one, approximately up to $ 3000
2. The option is shown in the attached graph (see Figure at this idea):
1 and 2 waves - fluctuations before the beginning of the March 2017 growth.
3 wave - spring-summer growth to 400
4 wave - as it often happens an unusual form of 400-300 until November
5 wave - take off to 1400 and the apogee of fame and popularity of Ethereum
In this option, 1400 is a large vertex, from which a large correction to the starting point of the 5th wave ($ 300) is expected.
In our opinion, both options are eligible for consideration, but second seems more likely, - according to the temporal wavelengths, inclusion of the unsophisticated public on the big 5th wave and not on the 3rd one and on the grim cryptocurrency news background that we are now observing.
Proceeding to the recommendation:
Between $ 800 and $ 1000 look for opportunities to open short positions with a target of about $ 300
The cancellation of the idea and transition to the first option is in case of a reliable overcoming of the maximum of $ 1,400 with a positive news background and public temptation
We wish you profitable deals!
And follow our reviews!
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