ETHUSD, a downward correction is possible after insecure growth.

BITFINEX:ETHUSD   Эфириум / Доллар США
Uncertain growth from the level (accompanied by partial closing of positions) can lead to correction to the level of 960.18.

Levels by X-Lines!

Regardless of the traded markets (stocks, currencies, currencies, metals), you can use the x-lines indicator to automatically build prices interesting to the market ( support and resistance levels).

The indicator has only one setting, this is the strength of the levels (default is 9). By changing this value, you can customize the indicator for any tool. The lower this value, the stronger the levels will show the indicator.

For a more visual look, simply place the horizontal lines on the levels of the indicator.

Click the related ideas tab below and add the indicator to your favorites.
Jan 05
Комментарий: Great, we took 960.18 !


I'm new in terms of day trading or swing trading so it's so hard for me to determine whether the bearish turns are done for the moment or not.
JinFlark armenhammer21
@armenhammer21, Ideas that I share always have a goal (x-lines level), but do not always have SL (because I change it depending on the trading situation). In this case, as in all the others, the goal I point out is the ultimate goal of my trade and I do not back off from it. If I lose a deal I just lose it but I do not change the goal.
would you say this has already happened and it's time to buy back in ?
JinFlark armenhammer21
@armenhammer21, Exceptions are situations where I leave the transaction before reaching the goal. In this case, I update the idea and make adjustments.
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