COINBASE:ETHUSD   Эфириум / Доллар США

Market capitalization: 84,383,908,185 dollars. Extremely 24 hours: 1,967,020,000 dollars.

### On the D1 timeframe, the pair is at a price of 858. Key levels: resistance zone - 1215; 980. Support zones: 800; 690.

### We consider scripts, there are always 2 of them (breakdown and hang-up).

Apparently that from the area 870-875 the price turned around as it wrote that it is possible to retire. At the current moment it seems that the price makes a pullback to the zone 845-850 if there is a reaction of the price for the zone, there will be a stop, the tent is a high probability of rebound and an increase in price to zone 873 -878.If the price breaks the zone 845-850 and is fixed below the level of the values, let's go down the first target will be 820-825. At the current moment we wait for the price approach to the important price zones, we look at the reactions and enter or fix the orders based on the price behavior.