EUR/NOK 1H Chart: Channel Down

FOREXCOM:EURNOK   Евро / Норвежская крона
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The European common currency is trading in a narrow channel down against the Norwegian Krone. The given pattern was formed after the rate failed to reach the upper boundary of a rising wedge . Nevertheless, the price has altered its direction, as apparent from its failure to reach the upper channel boundary. The rate plunged mid-session, but was supported by the monthly S2 at 9.3007. Thus, the upcoming hours should indicate about its future direction. Technical indicators are generally bearish , suggesting that a breakout is likely to occur to the downside. This scenario may realise in case the aforementioned S1 is breached. The nearest resistance is formed by the weekly S1 at 9.3329, while the 55-hour SMA circa 9.3800 might be considered a more significant upside barrier.


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