GTO Downward wedge on a bearish trend. Potential + 120%

BINANCE:GTOBTC   Gifto / Bitcoin
Gifto ( GTO ) Downward wedge on a bearish trend . The first goal is a zone of about + 100-120%. It should also be borne in mind that this downward wedge may not be a figure of the continuation of the downward trend, but a reversal figure of the trend.

It is worth noting that if this downward wedge becomes a reversal pattern, then profit targets can be impressive. Because the coin has dropped in price 70 times! Just think about the price of the scam "that will save the world" dropped from Hai 70 times in a year and a half. This is not the three-tenth bottom, but the three-seventieth bottom! Nothing can be said, the strategy "Hold" taxis!

This coin is traded on more than 20 exchanges, including the top and everyone's favorite Binance.

The legend of this speculative coin is:

Built by Asian Innovations Group, GIFTO a decentralized virtual gifting protocol running on Ethereum . The project facilitates the creation and exchange of virtual gifts by allowing users to send and receive the GIFTO ERC-20 token on any Social Media Platform. Content creators will be able to create web links for fans interested in sending virtual gifts.

The team is led by Andy Tian, who sold his startup to Zynga before founding Asia Innovations Group. GIFTO has the advantage of being able to leverage Upbit's existing userbase of 20M on its live streaming mobile application to drive adoption of the GIFTO token. The project has received backing from a number of large institutional investors including KPCB and Wicklow Capital.
Сделка активна: If the price breaks through the resistance of the "Saucer" ("Bowls") level and fixes.
First target + 80%

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