Market capitalization: 5,349,540,000 $. Sourced 24 hours: 33,212,000 $.
    On the D1 timeframe, the pair is at the price tag of 1.93030. Key levels: resistance zone 2.2 -. Support zones: 1.6

     We consider scripts, there are always 2 of them (breakdown and hang-up).

    The tool began to grow from 23.02.18 to the current moment, well, what would go further and talk about new highs you need to break through the daily level of 2.2, to punch preferably on volumes and crash above 2.2 then there will be a high probability of continuing growth.
At the moment in intraday we see that the price will break through the Bollinger bands on Sell, which indicates a lower price, well, at the current moment there is a zone 1.925-1.935, there is a chance to work it out on condition that the price stops, the reaction of the price to the level is released and fixed, about the price increase to the zone resistance is 2.000-2.020. If we break through the zone 1.925-1935 then the target will be 1.850-1.820. When opening orders we look at the price correction for key zones and levels and only after confirming we enter (stop, pin, patten on the junior timeframe) .


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