LINK 12h Historical high is close, what will happen next?

For 4 months, the LINKUSDT price has been moving upward in the channel.
Of course, there was one flow by $8, either to work out our idea)) or to knock out the longists. But the fact is that without extra passengers, upward, it became easier for the locomotive to move.

Now the LINKUSD price is approaching the important $19-20 zone, which is very close to ATH .
And here we need to carefully monitor how the price movement will be controlled:
If the price consolidates below the level of $19, then no doubt they are preparing for a breakout upward, and there the targets are: $20 and $22.5 soon.
If there is a sufficiently strong rebound down from $19, and buyers will not buy it back, then thoughts will creep in that they are forming something like a "double top" or "Adam and Eve".
At least preliminarily, some conditions are already met:
- the first top is sharp from the spikes and with high volumes
- the second top is flatter, U-shaped, with low volumes
- the difference between the tops is not more than 5%.

In any case, you need to closely monitor the market and select coins, especially when prices are near historical highs. And you need to trade for the trend, not for wishlist.
It's also worth noting that Link is very sensitive to BTC flows.

Good luck to all of us)
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I totally agree with your analysis. Thanks for sharing!
we have strong resistance on 19.6 level but in weeks coming I expect new ATH after a brief correction
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