LINK. 6h. Buyers weakness and test of $7.6-7.8.

We are glad to meet with you again to analyze the market situation of LINK coin. In our previous idea, we wrote that the next important zone for us is $8.40-8.70.
Recently LINK price set a local low $8.79. In response, buyers were able to organize a slight bounce and test the mark $9.5.
This information gives us the right to assume that the Link price will continue to fall to the zone $7.60-7.80.

In this zone, you can try to buy back with a target $9.50.
Each "like under the idea" boosts the level of our happiness by 0.05%. If we help you to be calmer and richer - help us to be happier :)
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О проекте https://cutt.ly/yjbIyYZ

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Nice Chart!
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