LINK 6h Will it have another chance of tasty purchases?

Although with a delay and a little with trading nerves, but still, we got the long-awaited LINK per $8.80 from the previous global idea. A low is $8. 05 .
Our entire series of LINK ideas are attached below. We invite you to familiarize yourself with how they worked out.

What can we expect from the LINKUSDT pair now?
The rise in value above $11.56 is almost unrealistic in the near future.

Though, there is a positive. The circled flow was very voluminous and someone bought very tasty, who placed buy orders where necessary.
And if this "someone who bought" is a serious man, now we can expect once again a smooth descent of the LINK price, but not lower than $8.80. Then we can hope for a second, more decisive rebound.

If there is no strong buyer for $8.80, there will be no volumes, then the fall will continue to the range of $7.
Since 2016, we have been analyzing and trading the cryptocurrency market.
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great chart . thanks for sharing
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P_S_trade T_V_TreeTrader
@T_V_TreeTrader, you too thanks)
kinda thinking the same thing yea, will see... 😑
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P_S_trade SleepyGuy
@SleepyGuy, looks scary) thanks for sharing!
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zurs capital at work
What can we expect from the LINKUSDT pair now?
The rise in value above $11.56 is almost unrealistic in the near future.


You rookies
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