investing in ORBCOMM Inc (ORBC) for 1-2 months

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As we can see on weekly chart, there are several strong bullish signal:
inclined levels of support with delta,
mirror line with its re-test,
long price-channel,
decreasing volumes on last 5 bars (4 of them - down-bars) as a signal of consolidation and preparing to continue long-trend.

All these TA' factors and signals allow us to have long-vision on ORBC .

Buy it on 9.90-10.00
Stop-loss 9.46 (-1 tic 9.47, mirror re-test)
Our targets are connected with old price horisontal levels.
The first aim 11.50.
If bullish trend continues and there are appropriate long-signals,
the second targer will be 14.00.


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