Does the late child the most desirable? QKC / BTC analytics

BINANCE:QKCBTC   QuarkChain / Bitcoin
BUY: 0,00000805 - 0,00000830
SELL: 0,00001000 - 0,00001100
STOP-LOSS: 0,00000790
Support: 0,00000824
Resistance: n/a

QuarkChain is a blockchain that uses sharding to provide a high-performance peer-to-peer transaction system. It seemed that there were already networks for every cases, but using the accumulated experience of predecessors, the two-tier architecture of QuarkChain seeks to satisfy the compromise between the three main bases of the blockchain - decentralization, security and scalability. Will the late project be able to solve all the questions and make an ideal network? We'll looking for progress.

In July, the coin hit the listing on Binance, and since the beginning of August its purchases began to portfolios. In mid-August, the price minimum was updated and settled at the level of 0.00000303, the rate confidently moved upwards from there, showing a peak growth of 260%.
The asset responds slowly to market movements, so the stop-loss and orders are triggered. Despite its youth, the chart says that the price is likely to move up, because regardless of the price the coin is sold out to portfolios.
There are no strong resistance lines, so should observing the area 0.00001000 - 0.00001100. Chances are good that the price will not bounce down from it and growth will continue. Daily volatility is 6-10%, together with a relatively low speed of price change this allows you comfortable intraday trading. An important date is December 31 - the launch of the commercial version of the network should take place.
A promising asset, so with a favorable development of the situation it can show multiple growth.

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