TNT Trade in the accumulation channel in increments of + 200%

TNT , Tierion, Beast, 666. Trade in the accumulation channel in increments of + 200%
Bargaining a coin from time to time about a year and a half.
All on the chart.
Horizontal channel of accumulation of a position with a step:
External channel 200%
Internal channel 80%

When you exit the accumulation channel growth levels on the chart.

Also, in order to dump passengers, the accumulation channel can be punched down at the lowest point for a while. Use stop loss. Punch channel accumulation down in order to get rid of excess passengers.

Very simple and profitable to trade. Currently trading in the channel of accumulation.
Under the idea attached some more ideas of coins with a similar style of trading.
Комментарий: The price has almost reached the specified zone
Сделка закрыта: достигнута тейк-профит цена: the goal in short is reached. Now, if they hold the current level, they will draw a double bottom. The nearest resistance can be made + 45%
Сделка активна
Сделка закрыта: достигнута тейк-профит цена: +344% (3.5 X)
Комментарий: +375%
Комментарий: Trading ideas for this coin gave + 300-400%.
But here's what's funny happening now.
A symmetrical triangle is formed, which quite possibly can act as an upward pennant in the shape of the figure. For the purpose of the flagpole + 300%. I have little faith in this, as the price is now at + 300-400%. But still you need to be prepared for everything. But the levels from the first goals may very well be hooked. The accumulation was very long on this coin and with a good channel pitch of 200%.

If the pennant is not confirmed and this symmetrical triangle is punched down, then the first observation zone is the upper boundary of the channel. If support is confirmed, then trading above it, if not, trading within the channel from trend lines.
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