Market capitalization: 3,398,478,000 $ . Sourced 24 hours: 569,255,000 $.
    On the D1 timeframe, the pair is at the price mark of 0.0514. Key levels: Resistance - 0.0554.Supports: 0.0391.

     We consider scripts, there are always 2 of them (breakdown and hang-up).
    Over the past 7 days, the instrument grew by 22%, so that the price should continue to break through the daily level of 0.0554, gain a foothold, and only then can we expect a price increase.
At the moment we see that there are more "bulls" on the market now. Well, we need to break through the zone 0.0540-0.0560, if there is a retreat, then go to the zip along the Bollinger 0.0460-0.0480 first goal.


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