Brent correction and then some

TVC:UKOIL   CFD на нефть марки Brent
Some time ago I had shared with my friends an idea of Brent going to 56.5. it was some late night old mans lonely evenings thoughts on the chart. Brent was at 52+ back then with lots of bearish sentiment built up in the crowds mind. it worked out just great.
though I am not an Elliot or other types of wave analyst, I find that some basic ideas are typically the hardest to believe in by more experienced traders and sometime those ideas do work.

There is the one for correction of Brent from current level of 56.6 down.
not sure though what would this do to the idea for WTI, stated below as the linked one.
Sep 25
Комментарий: After we knocked off the April's high -there is a HUGE chance we would go higher and higher then 59-60 range. So, the ABC idea form current level is no longer valid or is not yet in the play. might come later


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