📝 S&P500: weekly forecast for July 12 - 16.

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New reports from the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission show the overall market is up 3%, confirming the overall strength of the stock market.
📌 In line with the current CoT reports, the buying outperformance increased by 1%, indicating a likely continuation of the upside during the new trading week as well.
A 1% increase in investors' locked positions suggests a likely flattening of the asset's price corridor during the new trading week.
In case of an additional test of the balance of the day (4313.2), we expect an impulse rise to the market maker's loss (4377.3).
💡 On breakdown and consolidation above 4377.3 price point, we expect a subsequent rise to hedge resistance zone (4400.0).
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Сделка активна: 💎 S&P500: feast during the plague: the rally continues. Key support for Monday, July 12, is the limit buyer (4344.6).
⚙️ The main scenario is a successful test of this support and the subsequent rise to the limit seller (4388.8).
In case of a break and fixation above the 4388.8 price level, the hedge zone (4406.5) will be the subsequent resistance for today.
Сделка активна: 📌 S&P500: corrective decline as a buying opportunity. ⚠️ The closest support for today is the balance of the day (4376.6).
In case of breakdown and fixation below the mentioned support, we expect a relatively deep correction within the trading week with reaching the limit buyer level (4356.3).
📝 If a buy pattern is formed near the limit buyer level (4356.3), the limit seller (4395.7) is the minimum upside target.
Сделка активна: ⚠️ S&P500: going to test the limit buyer? There is a possibility of a continued corrective decline during the second half of this trading week and an additional medium-term bullish position set at the best prices.
The nearest support in this case is the daily balance (4361.3).
Close location of the limit buyer (4346.3) further strengthens it.
💠 In case of successful test of this option support we expect formation of buying pattern with limit seller (4381.5) as a growth target.
Сделка активна: ♻️ S&P500: reached market maker loss level! 👉 Marketmaker's minimum profit level (4378.0) was retested over the past 24 hours.
📝 The main scenario for today is the formation of a buy pattern in the price range of 4367.8-4357.5 (balance of the day and limit buyer).
Limit seller (4385.2) is the ultimate upside target.
Сделка активна: 📌 S&P500: market maker loss - upside target? ⚠️ The market maker loss level (4375.1) has been tested over the past 24 hours with a false breakdown.
In case of formation of a sell pattern in the price range of 4375.1 - 4376.9, we expect a suspension of growth and subsequent decline towards the increase of the market maker's profit.
Limit buy (4349.7) is the downside target.
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