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Канал восходящий, но если цена опустится ниже красной линии, то вероятно тенденция сменится.
Комментарий: Старая идея: купить на нижней границе восходящего канала, с коротким стопом.

Связанные идеи


123GPS, ситуация пятничная))) Не могу почему-то ответить в ветке, случайно плюс поставил)
Рубль в последние четыре месяца очень популярен.
Жду движение нефти.
пробьем сегодня 59.63?
taz2017 5898928
@5898928, I'm not seeing any reason for the US dollar to appreciate as a result of today's expected rate hike. If anything, it is completely priced in already and the dollar will likely depreciate because there are probably lots of people trying to pre-buy the news who will get stopped out.
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Roman5 taz2017
@taz2017, вероятно учитывается, но вопрос как раз о дальнейших намерениях.
taz2017 Roman5
@Roman5, of course, we can only speculate and no one can know for sure. I was fortunate to buy USDRUB at around $35 in July 2014 with full expectation of a crash and closed the position at $72 or so on December 16th.
In order for ruble to appreciate back to low 50s and 40s, there likely has to be a geopolitical trigger resulting in significant appreciation in oil price. There are signs of such a potential crisis in the Middle East now, and with Russia's involvement in the region already, there are a few different possible scenarios, including Iran, a Russia-ally, destroying its neighbor's oil fields. Given the global political situation with the new Trump administration in the United States and incompetence and lack of cohesion all over Europe, Russia understands that it's foreign activity will not meet much resistance.
Rather than focusing on the 59.00 level, which has been breached with barely any activity several times already today, I am of the belief that 60.00/59.6 levels have no viability of being breached in the near term.
This idea has continued to be valid for a month now. It seems crazy, yet I am sure a USDRUB 80.00 seemed crazy back in July 2014 to most as well.
taz2017 Roman5
@Roman5, while I was typing this USDRUB is now at 58.7. The FOMC announcement today seems like a perfect trigger for significant USD depreciation and hence, oil appreciation in USD. Both of which will boost RUB.
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Roman5 5898928
@5898928, после 9 скажу))
Опять треугольник нарисовался. Цена ниже 59 не хочет спускаться. Предполагаю первый задёрг в ложном направлении, потом в тренде.
123GPS Roman5
Roman5, как оцениваете ситуацию на сегодня? Спасибо,Roman5
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