GOLD / 1430 n 1180 / Reaction.

FX:XAUUSD   Золото / Доллар США

Refer to this idea.

If Gold reaches the higher level first, you know what to do!
Комментарий: I made recalculation by time. And there is no time given for these targets. I am wrong.. they don't have both to be seen this year.. They have to be seen overall.
But I still think ffirst 1430 will come. FYI
Комментарий: Seems we will see 1180 first before going up. So let's dive now, and then go up.. this will be a great bottom to enter longs and forget them..
Do we still have the SAME thoughts on the above levels... are we going Long? Looking at 1293???
TheZabisyu gaptraderhq
@gaptraderhq, I am looking for 1383. What others are looking for is not in my wheel house if u know what I mean.
gaptraderhq TheZabisyu
@TPparadigma, But are you looking for long term time frame & holding? What about costs etc ... Im looking at 1293 by end of Jan? Thoughts?
TheZabisyu gaptraderhq
@gaptraderhq, Please study my latest charts on gold where I set the targets and I am already long with TP 1383..1430.
Costs.. not the cheapest thing to hold.. but considering the profit that's coming out from this trade its pennies.
You are great!!! Forgotten transition 1265 taken out
@kizly, haha
Will it be a sideway market for a while?
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