Bitcoin. Market's Setup. Bull trend

BITMEX:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract
Hey. In a closed group there were test signals for aggressive input. I also entered the pre-designated area. Now we are in the black and the stop can be moved to break-even. At the moment we have 2 scenarios. First we can say the traditional and this 2 scripts with the triangle. Regardless of the scenario, we enter long. In the first case is a breakout of the channel, in the second case, this is the entrance to the wave E or the break of the triangle. I also want to tell you about my interesting indicator called as "trend Cloud". Here are the cloud features in more detail:
Support/resistance breakout, to indicate trend strength of support and resistance (the wider the cloud, the stronger the trend), the slope of the trend. The equilibrium price of the trend(when the price goes away from the cloud it comes to test it in 80%, my signals on the cloud algorithms are also well sometimes practiced, the state of uncertainty flat (when the price in the cloud is trading). Confirmation of the correction / trend when the price is trading below or above the cloud, the entries in the position and much more shows this my wonderful indicator. The indicator took me enough time, and if you are willing to use it, it will cost you a small amount of $ 10 per month. Put likes and subscribe, so you will give me motivation and fight with my laziness. All the best
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