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Done to test specific angle of uptrend which the fib channel is tuned to.
Also testing how time fibs might separate stages of the cycle.

Time fib settings :
Prebullrun correction (0 - 1)
Reversal (1 - 1.272)
Rapid growth (1.272 - 1.414)
ATH registration period before reversal (1.414 - 1.618)

  • 1.414 (14th FEB 2021)
  • 1.618 (31st JUL 2021)
Комментарий: So the growth was stopped at 0.618 fib channel. If you think BTC won't go higher and correction will take longer, then I'd use this scheme below instead for best support levels. More suitable for tracking the retracement based on general direction of patterns of the recent 3 years.
Комментарий: Key angle worked for the scheme considering current pump.
Комментарий: We're hours away from fib 1.414 - 14th FEB
Let's see how price action will react.
Комментарий: Target reached
Сделка активна
Комментарий: Moving deeper into demand levels
Комментарий: Reminder:
TimeFib 1.618 = 31st JUL 2021

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@sangas, Exactly my thoughts right now as well!
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14th feb. Ohhh gonna send a love card to BTC.
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wow, this is awesome
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fract abel11
@abel11, Thanks
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Amazing. This is not the first time I have really taken notice of your charts. Have been following for a while. Genius.
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Thanks for sharing this! Can you compare this also with the highs before and with 17/18? I'm curious how it developed there in comparsion to todays chart.
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