XLM / USD + 600% Symmetrical triangle.

BINANCE:XLMUSDT   Stellar / TetherUS
On this coin, in a secondary trend that has formed an upward channel with an impressive step of more than 100%, a symmetrical triangle is formed near its base of the trendline. The price is clamped. Let me remind you that the "radiant cryptocurrency" made exactly + 600% from the breakout of the resistance level of 0.08572 to 0.59. These are not random numbers. The support level that is currently held is the 0.4 zone. There will be a denouement in the near future.

Think about what action is causing the formation of such a pattern on the chart. This will give you an understanding of the ongoing processes of "interaction" and possibly with the correct application and profit.

For more clarity of two of the processes taking place in the market now, see my old training / work ideas attached below this idea, which by the way I did on the example of the same XLM coin:

1) "Big secret"
2) XLM / USD Secondary Trend

Financial markets are a psychological game of manipulating people's behavior with the help of the weak link of the bulk of people, that is, money (a resource for the embodiment of material desires), the final result is to achieve the required goal through the embodiment / non-embodiment of the desires of controlled people.
Комментарий: is a breakdown of the triangle resistance. From the level of 0.37318 + 11% #
Комментарий: after the breakout of the downtrend (triangle resistance), an accumulation channel was formed with a step of 25%, which can act as the second phase of the formation in cases of a breakthrough of its resistance level of 0, 44 and the development of 3 phases ... Cup 72.74%.
Комментарий: + 52% at the moment. The trend is developing. In advance, 6 days before the reversal of this trend, the lowest future price reversal point was shown.
Комментарий: + 98% price near the resistance zone of the cup in a local uptrend.
Комментарий: the resistance of 0.609 was not overcome. A rollback under the local correction of the market. There is a breakdown of the local downside. Fixing the price above the resistance of the 0.6 cup will result in working out its targets.
Комментарий: + 26% with a breakdown of the local downward trend. The price approached an important resistance zone.
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I really like your analysis. You are one of the best analysts I have ever met! Come on! Hope to update your opinion often.
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@GIS007, It's good that my work is useful to you.
This is great work! Thanks
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SpartaBTC KlejdiCuni
@KlejdiCuni, thank you very much
we will see a pump by the end of the world
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SpartaBTC SatoshiAjinomoto
@SatoshiAjinomoto, ))) there is such a possibility
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@SpartaBTC hope it pumps soon the volume is too low :)
Could you please give us a better understanding. What are the targets? 600% has already been done. What's next?
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SpartaBTC syed079
@syed079, price levels in case of trend development are shown on the chart
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