XMRBTC - flat zone

BINANCE:XMRBTC   Monero / Bitcoin
Good afternoon, friends. It’s Friday, everyone is on weekend and has relaxed mood, the market apparently :)
No matter how all analysts screamed that BTC would now grow - until it is unnoticeable. However, our forecast for BTC shows itself from the best side and those who managed to enter on Wednesday on our recommendations - in good stead.
While the market is sleeping - it is a good idea to make money on the flat, especially when the flat has good levels.
What can we see:

- Lower strong resistance at the level of 0.0220091;
- Upper support at the level of 0.021144;

Recommendation for today:

- We are waiting for the price to drop to the level of 0,020091;
- We fix our profit at the level of 0.021144;
- Various alternatives are possible. For example - the price did not go to 0,020091. Then we buy at the level of 0,020458 and fix the profit all there - the same 0,021144.
Have I nice Friday and much money :)
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