Market capitalization: 40 ,713,881,000 dollars. Sent off 24 hours: 1,158,480,000 dollars.
    At the D1 timeframe, the pair is at the price mark of 0.0490. Key levels: Resistance - 1.200; 0.0880. Support: 0.0650.

     We consider scripts, there are always 2 of them (breakdown and hang-up).
     The tool grew by 15% per day, on the D1 timeframe we see that the level of 0.0880 worked, the stop of the price, the tie-break, the big candle that updated the maximum of the trend and even broke through on the volumes, the capitalization is growing.
On H1 we see the trend movement in the buy, the price broke through the zone 1.0103-1.0303 Well, for this growth you need to fix the price, selling the price above the indicated zone. If the price is fixed and the price goes above that we expect 1.1707-1.2000 target at D1. If there is a false penetration of the zone 1.0100-1.0303 and the price is zaling below the zones we wait for the rollback to the bolinzher 0.9623 first target, the Bollinger zone will change.
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