XPR good forecast by cruptouranium script.

Strategy: Expect the exit price behind for the painted channel, the script will indicate the possibly zone of the turn with a purple arrow.
When a purple arrow appears, open the deal. Close the trade when the price returns to the painted channel in the inner zone (see the forecasts on the chart)
Trades by the arrows are named 1, 2, 3.

Also, you can use the channel for additional trades: The exit of the price behind the channel indicates the beginning of the trend.
When the price exit behind a channel, open a deal. Examples of trades - B, C, E.
Closing a deal is necessary when an arrow appears or when the price returns to the channel it is points 2, D. 3.

Also, then a strong trend, a deal can be opened when price exit behind the channel from the opposite side of the channel.
An example of a trade is A. Closing a trade is necessary when an arrow appears or when the price returns to the channel it is point B or 2.

You can see the Script in my profile. If you have a questions write me ore send a message on email: n.ww@ro.ru
Комментарий: I recommend using the script on the 1H timeframe, because it was configured for this timeframe.

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