BINANCE:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
XVGBTCAfter a rapid growth of almost 300% from 22.03
VERGE It seems decided to go for a serious correction.
If the Head and shoulders are finished, then we can descend to the level of 500 satosh.
The only factor can be the promise to introduce a new mysterious partner, which is expected in 10 days.
In any case, you need to be very cautious, as always!
All good luck and good trade.
Заявка отменена: Hello again!
Good news again!
It seems that the head of the shoulders, data in the past - are canceled.
And this means that we have an opportunity to earn some more money in this difficult market.
The main thing about what I ask you, it is necessary to trade with a stop loss and only if there is a trading plan. Otherwise, even such transactions as Vergé in the last 2 weeks could lead to losses.

Good luck and good trading!
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