Support & Resistance

TSI_Analytics TSI_Analytics XAGUSD, 60, Короткая ,
XAGUSD: Продажа серебра (XAGUSD). Цель – 15.090
41 0 1
XAGUSD, 60 Короткая
Продажа серебра (XAGUSD). Цель – 15.090

Котировки серебра сформировали боковой канал, пробитие нижней границы которого послужит сигналом к дальнейшему снижению драгоценного металла. Переход цены ниже линий Аллигатора и простой средней скользящей сигнализирует о медвежьем тренде. АО также перешел ниже линии нуля и находится в «красной» зоне. Спецификация сделки: Sell stop: 15.730 Stop loss: 16.050 Take ...

Hakis1 Hakis1 USDJPY, D, Длинная ,
USDJPY: usdjpy short
109 0 2
USDJPY, D Длинная
usdjpy short

target 102.00 gl

demyanchuk demyanchuk ORBC, D, Длинная ,
ORBC: Investing in ORBCOMM Inc (ORBC)
10 0 0
ORBC, D Длинная
Investing in ORBCOMM Inc (ORBC)

As we can see on daily chart, there are several strong bullish signals: straight and inclined levels of support with delta, mirror line with its double re-test. There are spike and long consolidation after it with the second retest of “mirror” line which is strong bullish signal. We see 2 local resistance levels, but the potential of long-signals is very high and ...

Dukascopy Dukascopy USDJPY, 60,
USDJPY: USD/JPY plunges after Kuroda's statement
41 0 1
USD/JPY plunges after Kuroda's statement

"The yen's strength is on concerns that the BoJ is not going to be doing anything." - Riverside Risk Advisors (based on Business Recorder) Pair's Outlook Dovish Fed statement caused the USD/JPY currency pair to drop more than 50 pips lower, therefore, completely breaking out of the descending channel to the downside. The Buck is likely to prolong its decline, ...

Dukascopy Dukascopy GBPUSD, 60,
GBPUSD: GBP/USD to launch another attack on monthly R1
34 0 0
GBP/USD to launch another attack on monthly R1

"Of the Fed officials due to speak today, focus will be on whether Mester turns dovish." - Mizuho Securities (based on Reuters) Pair's Outlook Yesterday, amid broad USD weakness the Cable soared through the weekly R2 and even managed to test the 1.4681/53 resistance area, which consists of the weekly R3 and monthly R1 levels. Since the rally amounted to more than ...

Dukascopy Dukascopy XAUUSD, 60,
XAUUSD: Gold: negative outlook below 1,104/08
23 0 0
Gold: negative outlook below 1,104/08

"A gold-bull market that relies too heavily on safe-haven related demand may not be sustainable in the long run." - HSBC (based on CNBC) Pair's Outlook Near-term outlook for gold is moderately bearish. We see the formidable resistance zone ahead of the bullion, represented by 100-day SMA and Jan 8-20 downtrend at 1,104/08. Any close above here should trigger a ...

Dukascopy Dukascopy EURUSD, 60,
EURUSD: EUR/USD aims at 1.08 after dovish ECB
59 0 0
EUR/USD aims at 1.08 after dovish ECB

"Mario Draghi made it quite plain that given the recent drops on oil prices that the policy response in March will potentially have to change, replacing 'whatever it takes' with 'no limits'." - CMC Markets UK (based on WBP Online) Pair's Outlook EUR/USD attempted to violate the 1.08 support zone yesterday after soft comments made by the ECB President Draghi. The ...

bullmarket bullmarket USDJPY, 240,
29 2 1

Target level : 119.1584 Target period : 2 days Analysis : Figure Channel down has broken through the resistance line 13-Jan-03:00 2016 GMT. A possible increase in prices in the next 2 days to 119,158. Supporting Indicators : A Rising Moving Average Resistance Levels : ( B ) 118.847 Last pivot point resistance line Descending Channel. Support Levels ( A ) ...

Tifia_Investments_Limited Tifia_Investments_Limited USDCAD, 240, Длинная ,
USDCAD: USD/CAD: general analysis
14 0 0
USDCAD, 240 Длинная
USD/CAD: general analysis

Current trend The Canadian Dollar is declining amid a fall in oil prices. Most analysts suggest the price of oil has not reached its possible lowest level yet; thus, the fall might continue. Moreover, Stephen Poloz, Governor of the Bank of Canada, stated a possibility of an interest rate cut in case of a crisis. Support and resistance The pair is trading ...

USDCAD: USD/CAD: general analysis
27 0 1
USD/CAD: general analysis

Current trend The Canadian Dollar reached its 2004 lows amid falling oil prices. The central Bank of Canada is considering additional measures to prevent the economy from serious shocks. In his recent speech, the head of the Bank of Canada S. Poloz stated that the regulator might cut its interest rate to -0.5% in case of a crisis. It was the first time that the ...

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