Expanded Camarilla Levels

Hello Everyone,

The Expanded Camarilla Levels is introduced in the book "Secrets of a Pivot Boss: Revealing Proven Methods for Profiting in the Market" by Franklin Ochoa. I will not write a lot about the book, you should read it for yourself. There are many great ideas in the book, such using these levels, following trend, time price opportunity, Advanced Camarilla Concepts and much more.

The definition/formula of the levels defined in the book. (actualy L1, L2, H1 and H2 levels are not used in the strategy, so not shown on the chart)

RANGE = highhtf - lowhtf

H4 = CLOSE + RANGE * 1.1/2
H3 = CLOSE+ RANGE * 1.1/4
H2 = CLOSE+ RANGE * 1.1/6
H1 = CLOSE+ RANGE * 1.1/12
L1 = CLOSE- RANGE * 1.1/12
L2 = CLOSE- RANGE * 1.1/6
L3 = CLOSE- RANGE * 1.1/4
L4 = CLOSE- RANGE * 1.1/2
L5 = CLOSE- (H5 - CLOSE)


Strategy: you need to take care of the candles, as you can see there is bearish candle on first part, and Bullish Candle on second part!

Another Strategy:

An Example:

Скрипт с открытым кодом

В истинном духе TradingView автор этого скрипта опубликовал его с открытым исходным кодом, чтобы трейдеры могли понять, как он работает, и проверить на практике. Вы можете воспользоваться им бесплатно, но повторное использование этого кода в публикации регулируется Правилами поведения. Вы можете добавить этот скрипт в избранное и использовать его на графике.

Хотите использовать этот скрипт на графике?


Looks like a simple yet powerful indicator. What timeframe is the best?
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look good. did you tested this trade? what's winning chance??:)
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LonesomeTheBlue Bearishness
@Bearishness, hey, no I didn't test it. possible to test if I have time this month.
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Bearishness LonesomeTheBlue
@LonesomeTheBlue, great! keep us updated:)
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There is an error in pivot calculation
R5 is R6

R5 = R4 + 1.168 * (R4 – R3)
R6 = (High/Low) * Close
S5 = S4 – 1.168 * (S3 – S4)
S6 = Close – (R6 – Close)

Nice Work !!
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Oh man, I just finished the book too. Happy you put this and the expanded pivot one together! Great work as always
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@kviateq, Enjoy ;)
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Hello LonesomeTheBlue, I also love to use Camarilla Levels indicators; Thanks again for posting and invite us to read the book "Secrets of a Pivot Boss!
Appreciated your great work so far; thanks a lot <3
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@ICEKI, you are welcome
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Devamını her zamanki gibi bekliyoruz. Teşekkürler eline sağlık.:)
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