Сatching knives

This strategy is based on the regression line and volume
The Linear Regression Channel is a three-line technical indicator that displays the high, low and midpoint of the current trend.
How does it work in strategy?
If there is a deviation by a given percentage, the entry occurs

-Length-сhannel length
-Deviation-deviation of the boundaries, the higher , the rarer the entries
-% low for regression-deviation directly from the boundaries, the higher the number, the less frequent the entries
-Required % down bar-additional condition for entry (the candle on which the entry takes place from the logic must necessarily fall by a given percentage)
-Volume-the volume , which must be larger by the number of times you specify ( you can set the volume lower, but for better entries, you need to set the deviation percentages higher!)

Take profit and stop loss when a certain percentage is reached

Allow signal lower than,% - the next entry into a trade from logic occurs only when a decrease by a certain percentage
Allow grid,% - when the price drops by the percentage specified in the settings, the entry will take place, but only on the next bar.
-Testing results for any period of time

Default settings for infrequent but relatively accurate entries for TF 1 hour.
It costs pyramiding 5 and take profit 5%. Choose the flavors of your choice!
Good luck!
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