Cooltoyz : Bollinger Shadows

Finally, another gadget for the cooltoyz series :)

this is a simple tool to allow vizualizing bollinger bands with several values/levels. usually boll bands have the levels at 1.5, 2, 3, for multiplier of standadrd deviations. but, just changing those values, we can apply fibbonnaci levels to the bands.

The inputs on this indicator come with fib levels by default, but the values are part of input fields, so it's easy to change to whatever you prefer, back to the calssic std.deviation values, for example. also, the colors are set to make a visual slope, so it's more instinctive to see how strong the candles are moving.

just play with it, and like it. or not :)

here is another example, where the colors are reversed, to create a more classic "shadowy" effect.

i just like to have the edge level set stronger, it's easier to see when stuff is "on fire" :)
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