Circular Candlestick Chart

An original (but impractical) way to represent a candlestick chart using circles arc.

The most recent candles are further away from the circle origin. Note that OHLC values follow a clockwise direction. A higher arc length would indicate candles with a higher body or wick range.

The Length settings determine the number of past candles to be included in the circular candlestick chart. The Width setting control the width of the circular chart. The Spacing setting controls the space between each arcs. Finally, the Precision settings allow obtaining a more precise representation of candles, with lower values returning more precise results, however, more precision requires a higher amount of lines. Settings are quite hard to adjust, using a higher length might require a lower spacing value.

Additionally, the script includes two pointers indicating the location of the 75 (in blue) and 25 (in orange) percentiles. This allows obtaining an estimate of the current market sentiment, with the most recent arcs laying closer to the 75 percentile pointer indicating an up-trend.

This new way to represent candlesticks might be useful to more easily identify candles clusters or to find new price patterns. Who knows, we know that new ways to see prices always stimulate traders imagination.

See you next year.


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