Pivot Point Reversal + RSI Strategy

This strategy joins the Pivot Reversal strategy with the RSI indicator.
We check RSI level at the pivot point level and only if RSI condition is satisfied we update levels for stop orders.
The strategy works pretty good for crypto, 30m, 1h, 2h timeframes.
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It seems a good strategy. Do you know how to convert it in an only-long strategy? Let's say i'd like to Long-entry and close trades.
Very cool. Was reading about Robert Colby's system and figured one of the TV pine OG's already had some resources. thx for sharing!
thanks it works well but its possible to add an alert?
QuantNomad Anthony_Ab
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Anthony_Ab QuantNomad
@QuantNomad, Ok thanks a lot. do you trade with this script on commodities?
QuantNomad Anthony_Ab
@Anthony_Ab, nope, haven't tried that on commodities, does it work well?
Anthony_Ab QuantNomad
@QuantNomad, yes so far around 70% winning rate but I need to do more backtesting. do you you have another script similar with buy/sell for commodity please?
is it work in nifty
interesting idea with promise, but rsi can't be changed, and the source needs to be on the close of candle
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