TBS - Trend Buy and Sell Indicator

Trend Buy and Sell Indicator

TBS identifies trend based on price cross-over/cross-under to a moving average. Confirmed Up-trend is displayed in green and Down-trend in red backgrounds. Before a trend is confirmed price cross-over is displayed in blue and cross-under in orange backgrounds. Once an uptrend is confirmed, TBS suggest buys based on touch downs to a Support moving average by a green arrow under the candle . A sell is suggested by TBS by a red arrow on top of the candle when the price reaches a certain percentage above support moving average. Motivation and Tolerance levels are provided to fine tune buying and selling signals.

Example: Default settings for BTC Weekly charts are Trend Moving Average = 50, Support Moving Average = 21, Motivation Buy = 10, Tolerance Buy = 5, Motivation Sell = 50 and Tolerance Sell = 90. That means in uptrend identified by green background every time the closing price touches 10% higher than 21 week moving average value TBS suggests buy, so a trader can choose to buy 80% of intended position at this level. If the price continues to drop down and touches 5% below 21 week moving average, a trader may choose to buy another 20% at this level. In the likely scenarios of price hike from here a trader may choose to sell 80% at the Motivation Sell level 50% higher than 21 week moving average. If the price reaches Tolerance Sell level at 90% higher than 21 week moving average a trader may choose to sell remaining 20% of the position.

Note 1: TBS suggest Buys and sells but the execution of buy and sell is up to trader's discretion for example using Stop Buy order or Limit Buy order etc.
Note 2: TBS is designed to be a medium to long term indicator for example weekly and monthly timescales. Traders might find it useful on shorter term time-frames but its not designed for short term time frame in mind.
Note 3: Most of the parameters in TBS indicator are configurable as Trend Moving Average and Support Moving Average vary significantly across assets. Default parameters are set for Bitcoin Weekly time frame. Traders should play around with parameters to find best fit for Trend Moving Average and Support Moving Average for the asset of interest. For example TBS is very relevant and useful for Gold Weekly time frame with Trend Moving Average = 100, Support Moving Average = 30, Motivation Buy = 1, Tolerance Buy = 0, Motivation Sell = 11 and Tolerance Sell = 20.
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